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Transmission of messages from a variety of interfaces


Easy transfer of bulk SMS with the help of our service

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Simplest way of programming developed by our team

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Schedule SMS

Send an SMS automatically by predefining its date and time.


Improves productivity and increases profitability

Our Advantages

The main advantage is its user friendly. You can get the full 160 character and quick SMS delivery. Grouping Functionality in Single and Bulk Messaging. We provide Web based Interface, HTTP API. You can easily check delivery status of your message.

Schedule SMS, Bulk SMS, Grouping contacts.
What does it cost?
There's no charge to connect to our gateway.
Transactional messages, Promotional messages, Bulk SMS

Our Services

  • Schedule SMS
  • Outstanding Support
  • Both Limited & Unlimited Validity

Bulk SMS Advantages

  • High Reliability and Capacity
  • Sending Unlimited SMS
  • Upload the number list from a excel sheet.
  • Scheduling of messages
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